Thursday, July 8, 2010

"All Is Full of Love" (360 Mix) (cover)

Here's an old (2004) cover of the song originally by Bjork. I made the video with scenes from Lot in Sodom (1933), an early experimental "talkie" (there is no recorded dialogue, only a score) which is now in the public domain. I used all the scenes with Lot's Wife, focusing on her story.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


After a while of making music I end up accumulating odd and ends that never made it onto the album in production at the time. These tracks never made it out of the "sketches" stage into a form that fit with the rest of the album build.

This collection is a gathering of these orphans into one group. On the cover I list when each was made - like, what album it is coincident with. If you're familiar with the work you can probably hear and place them in time as well. I think this is most evidently the case with the brief "auto" series that were made while the album Automotiva was in production. These little snippets sound like "From That Time and Way of Thinking" to me.

Anyway, the average duration is 2:43, and half of the tracks are under two minutes. Which is to say that these are small ideas. Some of them are just experiments, like "Holding Back The Years" where I try to have my computer sing, or "Body Movin'" where I try to cram 4/4 lyrics into a 3/4 waltz meter. For most of the short ones, it was just enough to establish a groove and then end the piece, they don't really develop past that. A few feature improptu recordings by friends of mine that were around and were kind enough to give me something to work with.

These are little stunted things, or audio equivalents to doodling in the margins :)